London feelings

petak, travnja 07, 2017

Hello everyone!! Well I know this is another black/red outfit but I can't help it. I just love these colors. They are my safe zone. Also comfort zone, too. But I promise this is the last time where I wear these colors. Next time will be something different. Promise!
Anyway I just wanted to show you this t-shirt I got . I really like it. Especially the letters on t-shirt. Also I got new shoes. They are so good and comfortable. It's a bit small for my feets and I don't know what to do to with them.
Anyway enjoy in photos. I took photos on different places in city called Tuzla. By the way, this is city where I study.
p.s Although I don't have chance to go to London, that doesn't stop me to imagine like I am in London.

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