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ponedjeljak, prosinca 07, 2015


So today I am going to talk about fun and recently very famous social fashion website.I know that this isnt my main thing what I usually talk about but I wanted to share this lovely site with you.The reason why they created this page is that magic of all the fashion isnt just only in buying one piece you liked.It is in entire look.And they realized it ,too.As you all know that you have to mix and match your clothes in order to look good.Well or you can just put whatever you want on yourself hahha like I do sometimes when I am in bad mood.In the end its up to you.

So here you sign up,create your own look which is very fun and maybe join in contests where you can win gift cards.Creating looks reminds me on polyvore.Gift cards are from famous online stores and brands so you dont want to miss this.Best oufits are chosen by the most voted outfits so you will want to ask your friends to join in,follow you and vote for your outfits.I think this is pretty good ,you are having fun and wining gift cards where you can buy yourself great clothes.

So thats it hope you like it and please check it maybe you will be the lucky one and win gift card.

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