NewChic Haul + Review

nedjelja, prosinca 04, 2016

Hello everyone welcome to my new post . This time I wanted to show you what I got from Newchic store. Some of you maybe know or dont but this isnt the first time I got something form them. So back then I was very happy because I ordered quite good stuff. If you want to see what I got back then check out this LINK .This time I ordered scarf and earring for myself and scarf and gloves for my boyfriend.

WHITE SCARF - I ordered this scarf for me and I have to tell you I didnt regret . It is super long white and really comfy scarf. This scarf is made from wool . It will make me warmer during these cold days and nights. Also you can find it in different colors.

GOLDEN EARRING - Next thing I ordered for myself is this gorgeus golden earring . Long time ago I got the same from Zaful but somehow I lost and couldnt find it anymore. So ordered again . Only the clip is quite different. I am wearring it all the time but sometimes it hurts my ear because of this odd clip. And it goes only on the left ear. You can buy it in silver color, too.

MALE OVERSIZE SCARF - I bought to my boyfriend this oversize cashmere imitation scarf.
It is really great and he is loving it. This scarf is so comfy and surly will keep him warm during winter.

BLACK GLOVES - And the last thing also bought for my boyfriend is this black gloves. The gloves are unisex .Both gender can wear it. They came in really small size and he decided to give to his little cousine. They are really comfy with BOO words written on it. You can buy it also in different pattern.

And thats it . Hope you like it and please make sure you visit this store for more great things.

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