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četvrtak, lipnja 04, 2015

Hello everyone!

As you know I wrote a post about my wishlist from Rosegal store about month and half .You can take a look on this link in case you didnt read it.So today I am bringing to you clothes which I received last month.I waited it for like less then a month and also when they shipped my items they sent me a picture of my package to show me that they sent it which I consider that this was very nice from them.Important to say that Rosegal store has free shipping worldwide.

During taking photos I had many problems.First of all my camera is not professional,so I took it with my phone camera.Then I had to took it all by myself.Nobody was at home to help me.So please forgive me and I hope you like it.

Bag - The material seems strong and I am not quite happy with this color because I expected different color.Maybe by the time I will like it.You can buy it on this link .


Leggings - It is a lot different from I thought it would be.It is not great quality that for sure.But what can you expect with this price.I dont recommend wear it on summer because it sticks on your skin and feel is awful.You can only wear it on rainy days.Buy it on this link . 


 Swimsuit : I ordered different swimsuit but since that one was out of the stock I chose this one.I am so happy that this one came to me.As you can see it has push up and it is high waisted.If you have a little belly you can cover it .The quality is great and suits me very well.I took a picture like this because I was little embarrassing to show you it on me.You can buy it on this link . 


In my wishlist you can see necklace too but later I change my mind and didnt order it.And thats it.Let me know in comments below if you like it or not and did you ordered anything from this store.

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