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srijeda, srpnja 20, 2016

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new outfit post.I hope you are having fun these days as I do.I was traveling to the town where my dear friend Tijana lives and decided to took photos in my new designer dress.

I ordered this dress from Stylewe.This is an online fashion shopping platform featuring independant fashion designers.By working with fashion designers from around the world and using high quality production ,they turn fashion designer's dreams into reality by providing high fashion to customers world wide.Ofcourse as this company have a lot of designers there are different styles.And that is good because everyone can find something for themselves. They believe that fashion trend should not be controlled by few,but rather be guided by the collective actions of every designer and fashion consumer.

This dress is very soft,comfortable and I like very much.The reason why is it so soft is because the dress is made from 100% cotton.As you can see I love dresses but this time I chose casual one and I didnt regret .The dress is made by designer Jacky Huang,Cheif Designer,specialized in designing woman's garments.Each garment designed by him is full moving fashion and passion.

I obviously liked it very much and I think that this is a really great piece of clothes.So I recommend to everyone who loves fashion and wants great quality for your money to take a look on this fashion store.
Until next post I am sending you hugs and kisses :* :* :*

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