Hair accessories from Irresistible Me

subota, svibnja 28, 2016

Hello my lovely people!How are you?I am great these days because my lovely packages came and  I am trying some new clothes,shoes etc.You will see that in next posts.

Well , today I want to show you hair accessories from Irresistible Me.I have to tell  I am not a fan of hair accessories.Bobby pin is only thing I use on my hair but when I received this I changed my mind.I thought maybe I should use on my hair something else then bobby pins.

When Irresistible Me contacted me for collaboration I was on haven.I was like "God ,please let it be their famous hair straightener or curler.I will do anything just please." But that didnt happen.
First I was disapointed because I heard so much about their magic hair tools and I wanted it,too.
And then I saw what they are offering to me and somehow fell in love.
So, enough talking let's see the pictures.

As you can see there is a lovely box with some kind of note.I was really happy because I have never received a note from companies .Here on the pictures you cant see how well these things were wrapped.Each item was wrapped with nylon and you cant see that because I was like monkey on banana throwing myself on it,fast opening and the rest throwing away.And ofcourse all this came really fast within few days.

The first one called Ariana Hairband is some kind of hairband with these beautiful blue butterflys with lot of stones.This one is for any ocasion.Well that what they say.
Currently it keeps my baby hair away.

The second one called Daisy Hair Barrette is barrette covered with a lot of pearls and pink ribbon. 
It gives your hair some kind of romantic look.I expected smaller pearls but it still looks really cute.

The third one is a some kind of crown called Diana Tiara covered with pearls and crystals.When I put this one on my head I felt like a princess.This one I recommend for all you who have weddings.It is a perfect hair accessory for big day.

And the last item Hera Hair Comb is one I really liked.This hair comb is covered with crystal and pearl flowers,tiny silver leaves and small sparkling stones.Since I am invited on one of the wedding this is a perfect thing for my hair.So,I cant describe you how I was happy because I found a missing part of my outfit for that day.

And thats it hope you liked as much as I do.Make sure you visit this lovely online shop , you wont regret.Until next post I am sending you kisses :* :* :*

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