Wishes come true

utorak, lipnja 07, 2016

Hi everyone!

Have ever watched those great clothes and shoes through windows in a store and wished that from some corner  jumps your own fairy godmother and says to you "My child , here is a credit card (imagine shiny gold) you can spend it all." Well something like that happend to me.
I followed Amiclubwear on facebook years ago and watched all their great clothes and shoes but never got opportunity to order something from their site.

And guess what?My fairy godmother ( Amiclubwear) gave to me a coupon to order something.I was really happy.And I was more happy when I received my package.Clothes is really beautiful from great quality and its not that much expensive.Shoes are the same.Everyone can afford it.

Please visit their site I think you wont regret it.
Enjoy in pictures until next post kisses :*

Dress LINK
Wedges LINK

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