#Dressomania continues

četvrtak, kolovoza 04, 2016

Hello everyone!

Ofcourse #dressomania continues.I called #dressomania my madness with dresses.Honestly someone should stop me because this maddness has to stop.I cant help myself.Seriously someone should.Anyone?

Again there is me and one dress.This time I wanted to show you the dress I got from polyvore contest where I won first place.So it is pale green sleeveless dress which is made from polyester.Although it is beautiful dress yet cheap but the lenght of dress really bothers me.When you are standing,walking it is short but somehow because of the way it is created ,doesnt notice that much.And when you want to pick something or sit ,suddenly everyone can see your panties.So thats really bad and it ruins whole dress.It costs about $10,99 and this is typical spring dress.

Although I really like the dress , I will not wear it that often.

Thanks for comments and likes , until next post :* :*

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