Four things you need to have in your home

petak, ožujka 17, 2017

How many bags do you have in your home but those ones you actually need? I am not talking about fashion bags. Not this time. Well if you ask a woman about their bags or purses, they will say that they just need all of them. But this time I am talking about travel bags, laundry or shoe bags. How cool is that? Those bags are that you actually need for home or travels, not just to match your outfit. is just that kind of online store where can you buy these things. I chosed some things I really like and would love to have in my home or when I travel. I think that on this site prices are good and reasonable. Also they have free shipping on $49 spent in this store which is great. So let's take a look what they offer.

These bags will protect your laundry or clothes from dust or bugs. You can use it at home to store old clothes or when you travel. When you put your clothes in this, it will create more space in your suitcase. 
For $9.89 you get five bags - one jumbo, two extra large and two medium.

This one is really interesting and I would love to have it in my home. So this shoe organizer contains 24 little pockets. You can put there whatever you want, not just shoes. They recommend to hang it on doors. This organizer costs $14,99 .

So when you travel, you need a good travel bag. Especially when you go hiking and visiting all those wonderful places, you need strong, good backpack. This backpack is unisex and it's large enough to put a laptop. It costs $24,99.

This bag is really cute for gym or yoga or even dance classes. It has extra pocket for shoes on the bottom. Well I don't do any sports but I would love to have this bag. It costs $14,99 .

And that's it. Hope you like it. Please let me in comments bellow what you think about these bags and would you like to get one of these. I would for sure.

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