How to style your hair with hair accessories?

nedjelja, kolovoza 21, 2016

Hello everyone!
Welcome back to my blog.It has been over 15 days since my last post.I wont apologize anymore because it gets tacky but I can assure you ,I have lot of things going around so until now wasnt able to post anything.

So as you can see from the headline this post is about hairstyles with Irresistible Me hair accessories.I already done review their hair accessories months ago so if you want to read it just click HERE.

 So before I get started with next photos I just want to let you know that I am not hair professional and dont know pretty much how to style hair.I normally just wash my hair and use all the products which makes my hair healthy and clean and l just leave it.
So this is just example how I will use these accessories on my hair.
Its not something that will make you say 
' Oh my God how did she do that?This is a miracle.'
This is just simple stuff , nothing really complicated.Everyone can do that and maybe even better than me.

1.ARIANA HAIRBAND - So I took this hairband and just put it on my hair.Also I made one small braid from the bottom of my hair and just put it besides the hairband.I thought it would be cute.I didnt use hair straightener it just my hair looks that way.But you can use it if you want to.And yes thats my baby hair.Looks ugly I know.Dont know how to remove it.It keeps growing more.

2. DIANA TIARA - In this one I took my old hairband and just scroll into low bun and put my princess crown.I like simple stuff so this is simple hairstyle.You can even curl your little bun or find on internet some hairstyles which you like the most and spice it with this crown.It's up to you.

3. DAISY HAIR BARRETTE - I just took two small pieces of my hair and clipped with this cute little hairclip.I would highly suggest that you slightly curl your hair.It would look much much better and prettier too.This item is no longer in a stock.So no link for you.

4. HERA HAIR COMB - And the last one I put in my bun.Here I used the same hairstyle as on the number 2.Just small diference is that I took two pieces from my hair and curl it just a little bit.Also this is my favorite accessory from all of them.It is so pretty.

And thats it.Hope you like it and if you want to take a look on their page just go HERE.Until next post :* :*

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