Rosegal clothes arrived!!!

utorak, rujna 22, 2015

Hi , it has been a while from my previous post.My clothes from Rosegal store finally arrived and I am so happy.So I took a few photos to show you what I got.

I will start with this beautiful necklace which is identically as on the picture.I loved it so much.It is very colorful and you can combine with many outfits.You can buy it on this link .

So as you can see on the previous photos I am wearing cami top which I also got from Rosegal store.
It is made from polyester and it is perfect for summer.You can buy it on this link .

Another thing what I got from them is this elastic high-waisted jeans.These type of jeans has recently very trendly.You have to try these.They very good.You can buy it on this link .


And desert on the end are these lovely pink flats.They are super comfy and cool.But unfortunately the store dont have on the sale anymore.

And that would be all.Hope you like it and dont forget visit the store .

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