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srijeda, siječnja 27, 2016

Hello everyone , today I am going to show you my wish list from online store called Newchic.
As you can see they have ,well everything, for both sex ; male and female.
I noticed that prices are really low,so everyone can afford their items.
As I was watching lovely items from Newchic , I also searched for reviews.
If you want to buy something good , search for the review.Thats my tip for you.
So I chose items what I really needed at this time.
Take a look!

I pick this bag because I really needed a new black bag for university.Also I looked at reviews under this picture and apparently everyone liked it.They were satisfied with the bag.You can find it in different colors on this LINK .

Next item I chose is this lovely wallet.My old one served me well for like two or three years and I hope this one will , too.You can find it also in different colors at this LINK .

I really need more makeup brushes in my life.So I picked these cause they have great review , too.And they are cheap.You can buy them on this LINK .

And finally the last item I really needed is this beautiful beachy hair clip.The moment I saw it I fell in love in it.You can buy this lovely hair clip on this LINK .

And thats it hope you liked it as much I do. Now,all what we have to do is wait for my order to come and I hope items will be great like on the pictures.

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