Lovely day with Yoins

subota, veljače 27, 2016

Hello , my fashion readers it's me again.Well,I havent been here for while but now I'm back.Today I am going to show you clothes which I got from Yoins store for my work.I ordered a cropped top,trousers,necklace and ring.More about jewerly which I recently got 
you can read HERE.Yoins is well known as site which has clothes of best quality.
They are a bit expensive then others but totally worth it.
Please take a look I think you will find something for yourself.
Have a nice day :*

Jacket - unbranded
Cropped top - Yoins
Trousers - Yoins
Boots - unbranded
Bag - Newchic
Necklace - Yoins 

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