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nedjelja, ožujka 06, 2016

Hi lovely people , as you know I wrote a Newchic wish list a month ago and my items are finally here.If you didnt read it , you can take a look here.I was a bit nervous what will my items be like because here it's everything so cheap and we all know what you get when you order cheap items from China.But,enough talking let's see the photos.

1. Bag - Link - I think this is the best thing I got lately.It's really great bag and the most important really cheap.It's mind blowing shopping this bag for this price and the quality you get.
Yeah,the bag is smaller then I used to but somehow I managed to put lot of stuff there.I totally recommend this bag and I am sure you wont regret buying this.A belt of the bag is really strong so you dont have to worry about it.I got a lot of compliments for the bag.

2. Wallet - Link - This is another thing on which I get a lot of compliments.The quality of the wallet is really great and it has many sections where I can put all my cards.This wallet is really strange but special for me.

3. Hairclip - Link - Honestly guys I regret buying this.I thought it would be great hairclip for beach outfits but I was really afraid to put on my hair.The reason?Well,the reason is that awful smell whose coming from hairclip.It's like dead animal smell.I tried to put some parfumes on it and smell will go away for couple hours but it's keep returning.I dont recommend buying this.I wished that I ordered necklace or ring.

4. Make up brushes - Link - This is another thing what I was excited for.You could see it on my instagram if you're following me.The quality is mind blowing.Like where you can get 20 make up brushes for like only $6 and that they turn really great?I used them for a week and washed them several times and not a single hair went away.They are really soft and I totally recommend it.

Good news for you guys you can use this coupon 20off1574 to apply for the 20% discount for everthing.But the coupon and the gift card can not be used at the same time.

And thats it hope you like it and make sure you visit this great site Newchic and let me know in comments below did you ordered something from this site and how was it?

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