Wear it !

petak, studenoga 18, 2016

Everybody are saying that they love fall and how awesome fall is. But not me. I hate fall. It rains a lot. It's windy and your legs are always wet.You dont know should you wear an umbrella today or not.Well I notice the magic,dont get me wrong.
It is beautiful with all that trees and leaves but it is so annoying when you dont know how to dress properly.

Anyway, I just wanted to show you this shirt which I am wearing all the time. I got it from the Shein contest and it is really cute. It comes only in grey color and has that sign with black letters. The length of shirt on the back side is a bit longer which I really like. It is made of cotton and polyester.
Also I wanted to show you my new choker necklace . This time in black color. You all know that I am obsessed with choker necklaces. Especially with cheap ones.
And thats it hope you like it.

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