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nedjelja, studenoga 27, 2016

Hello everyone , welcome to my new post . Today I am going to talk about one online fashion store StyleWe . This summer I got from them one dress and I was really happy about it because the dress is really beautiful . So I will tell you my opinions and my experiences with this store.

This is an online fashion shopping platform featuring independent fashion designers.They find fashion designers and represent their designs. I think this is awesome because we need who will take care of those small designers who are not that famous like others. 
Since there are a lot of designers here you can find different styles from street style to elegant. 
So you want something unique you can find it in this store.

What I noticed is that prices are really high. I mean not like other designer pieces but it is still pretty high for normal people. But hey you want designer clothes then you have to open your wallet.
Also I noticed that some items have free shipping. I dont know is that because of sales and holidays . But it would be really great if you can get free shipping when it is not holiday.

As I said I got this summer , gorgeous dress made of 100 % cotton. It is really great quality and just the way I love simple but really awesome. If you want see more photos you can take a look on this LINK. When I got it I posted an outfit post .

Also since the New Year is coming I will put some dresses for you if you want to shop something for that day. And that's it hope you like it . Make sure you visit this store and follow their social medias.

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More evening dress you can find it here :

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